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                                          We have advanced injection molding machine, CNC machine, EDM spark machine precision equipment more than twenty, and specialized in mold industry for many years of design team, to undertake external mold design, manufacturing, product development and desi

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                                          • Mold making
                                            Widely used in plastic
                                          • Plastic products
                                            silicone rubber mold development and design and molding processing
                                          • Medical Product injection
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                                          Dongguan Hengsheng Plastic Technology Co. Ltd., Dongguan City Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the establishment of a limited liability company, has the qualification of independent legal person of enterprise. The company registered capital of 3 million yuan, was founded in October 2013, is located in Dongguan City Dalingshan Town East Village Wando Long Road No. 146, close to 107 National Road, covers an area of about 10000 square meters, is a professional engaged in mobile phone protective sleeve and IT accessories and parts, set product development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Products related to mobile phones, computers, electronics, communications, digital, automotive, home, toys, medical, sporting goods, adult supplies and many other fields, products covering more than and 20 countries and regions worldwide.
                                          Companies in strict accordance with the authority of the certification body SGS ISO9001:2000 version of the QMS management system, staff training system, the establishment of a number of quality management personnel, and successfully achieved SGS and ISO 14001:2004......

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                                          Contacts:Mr Ouyang
                                          Guangdong province Dongguan City Dalingshan Town East Village Hengkeng Tsai Road No. two
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