Gabriel Craig

Metalsmith, Writer, Craft Activist

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Ethics Statement

I became aware of the ethical and environmental issues that plague jewelry making in 2005. From that time on I have become an advocate for the transparent and ethical sourcing of materials used in jewelry making. I have written about green jewelry for Metalsmith magazine and was briefly the green resources coordinator for the Society of North American Goldsmiths. From 2007 to 2009 I worked to build an infrastructure of ethical suppliers and working practices for myself, which I now employ in the jewelry I make. I use only recycled or ethically sourced materials in my jewelry. I must know definitively where the material I am using comes from and that it was ethically obtained or else I will not use it. I invite interested patrons to inquire as to the sources of the material I use, and am happy to disclose all information regarding the creation of my work. I believe transparency breeds accountability and ultimately change.

Because of my commitment to ethical and environmentally responsibly jewelry making, in 2011 I was invited to be part of The Ethical Jeweler Directory. The directory was created by the non-profit organization Ethical Metalsmiths in order to introduce consumers to the growing number of jewelers who are committed to social and environmental responsibility. All jewelers listed in the directory support ethical mining, demand supply chain accountability and operate their studios with “green” practices. They endeavor to source their materials in the most responsible manner, are transparent in their practices and have a public statement of their values, principles and practices on their websites.

I invite all visitors to my website to join with us in demanding accountability, transparency, and environmentally consciousness in jewelry making. It is time that studio craft lived up to its virtuousness, not only as a form of ethical production in regards to labor, but also in regards to the environment. I am happy to offer what assistance I can to help people embrace this vital initiative.