Gabriel Craig

Metalsmith, Writer, Craft Activist

© 2012 gabriel craig

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness is a performance series which engages audiences in the process of raising – forming a flat sheet of metal into a volumetric shape using hammers and forming stakes – providing a platform to engage people in discussion about how contemporary craft practice relates to broad cultural themes such as manufacturing, material sourcing, technology and tradition.

To date there have been two versions of the performance. Over three weeks in the fall of 2012 Raising Awareness took place at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The performance was organized by Gabriel Craig and David Huang and included the participation of more than 20 metalsmiths from around the region and the world and reached and estimate 1/4 million ArtPrize attendees. Another version of the performance was staged in the spring of 2012 at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay in collaboration with students. The photographs of performance participants posing with their work were contributed by Andrea Frederick.

Raising Awareness, 2012 Awareness2.jpg