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Craft Redux: How Digital Collaboration PWNED Intellectual Property

Craft Redux: How Digital Collaboration PWNED Intellectual Property is a critical lecture that I delivered in 2010 at the Savannah College of Art and Design and later at the Applied Craft and Design Program at Pacific Northwest College of Art + Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. In this lecture I examine the current climate of intellectual property and the cultural commons, before moving on to dissect the impact of digital collaboration and its role in creating a culture of producers. Later I look at the role of remix as a form of cultural production as well as the transformative potential of newly emergent tools for digital design, manufacturing and distribution. Ultimately, Craft Redux looks at the erosion of intellectual property by open access and attempts to explain the implications for craft and beyond.

I would like to thank a number of individuals without whose support this lecture would not have been possible: Chance Farago, TJ O'Donnell, Boris Bally, Will Deloz and the Atlanta Swoop Jockeys, Rob Walker, JP Reuer, Jay Song, Lanelle Keyes, Jeanette Zolman, USC institute for media literacy (24/7 DIY), as well as the content authors referenced in the lecture. A special thank you to everyone who came to my lectures and to you for watching it here.

Craft Redux: How Digital Collaboration PWNED Intellectual Property (Part 1)
critical lecture, 2010
Craft Redux: How Digital Collaboration PWNED Intellectual Property (Part 2)
critical lecture, 2010

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